2001 a Space Odyessy

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pace od2001 A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke examines the functions through a futuristic adventure of the government and society in the near future. I. Age before human society
A. The Black Obelisk first appearance
1. An ancient alien race uses a device with the appearance of a large crystalline obelisk to investigate worlds all across the galaxy. 2. This device was used to encourage the species to learn intelligence to help these creatures to evolve. B. Moon Watchers experiences

1. In ancient Africa, 3 million years ago, the main ape character shows of himself to be the master of natural selection. He becomes one of the few that gains the artificial intelligence to create weapons and reduce hunger, thus creating an evolution from ape to man. II. The Jobs and Discovery from the astronaut

A. The discovery of the black monolith on the moon
1. In 1999 Dr. Heywood Floyd was briefed and sent to the Clavius Base on the moon to uncover a large artifact on the moon. 2. Scientist led a research group including Dr. Heywood Floyd towards the black monolith site. This monolith is also to be called TMA-1 (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1) B. The Black Monolith

1. The black monolith is an exact 1:4:9 ratios; meaning the thickness of the slab is exactly 1/4 of its width and 1/9 of its height. These scientists know that this is an anomaly not created by man, but by extraterrestrial forces. 2. As sunlight finally reaches the monolith for the first time in 3 million years, it sends a radio transmission to one of the moons of Saturn. Then scientists trace the radio transmission to a moon of Saturn called Japetus. 3. Japetus is known as the third largest moon of Saturn. Japetus was discovered by Giovanni Domenico Cassini, a French astronomer, in October 1671. C. The history of Dr. Heywood Floyd

1. Heywood Floyd was born in the United States in 1956. By 1999 he was elected chairman of the National Council of Astronautics. Now he possesses the power of all American flights into space. He has two daughters and is a single father after his wife died in a plane crash. III. A leap of 18 months to 2001

A. On the Spaceship Discovery One, Dr. David Bowman and his partner Dr. Francis Poole set a journey off to Japetus, one the many moons in Saturn’s gravitational pull. 1. Dr. David Bowman and his scientist, astronaut partner were approved of the interstellar travel to Saturn, under the approval of Dr. Heywood Floyd. Both scientists were informed of to research the source of the monolith relic found on the moon. 2. Their travel will take the five scientists and the supercomputer, HAL 9000, into space to find out about the source of the radio transmission. But as this journey progresses David Bowman will have an unfortunate find. David and Dr. Francis were falsely informed on the real purpose of this expedition. B. The Malfunction of a Supercomputer called HAL 9000

1. As the months go by within the space ship Discovery One, Drs. David Bowman and Francis Poole are the only conscience people on board. As they reach closer and closer to the moon, the supercomputer, HAL detects a malfunction of the AE-35 unit. The AE-35 unit has a critical job in the mission. The unit is supposed to keep the satellite dish aimed at Earth to maintain communication with Discovery One and Earth. Knowing this, Dr. Francis Poole takes a pod to replace the unit with a new one. When conducting tests on the first AE unit, Dr. Bowman discovers that the first unit had no malfunction. 2. Drs. Bowman and Poole suspect that HAL made a mistake in the failure detectors but yet the HAL refuses to admit. Then HAL claims that the new replacement unit will fail as the first one. Bowman and Poole contact Earth and update central on the problem. Earth thought it would be best to disconnect HAL for analyzing. As the scientists were speaking with Earth, communications were cut off. Bowman and Poole were then informed...
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