20 Century British Literature

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Ruth Gomez

Beowulf the hero
Beowulf is a Swedish hero who fights the monster Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a fire-breathing dragon. Beowulf establishes himself as a hero by helping others, and eventually sacrifices his own life in doing so. The first reason why I think Beowulf establish himself as a hero is because the confrontation with Grendel clearly demonstrates Beowulf's great strength, but it also illustrates his sense of fair play and his cool reasoning regarding tactics. For example Beowulf refuses to wear armor or use weapons against the ogre because Grendel is not schooled in the fine art of human warfare and will use no weapons himself. Ironically, the choice to eschew weapons ends up helping Beowulf because Grendel is protected from them by a magic charm. The second reason why I think Beowulf establish himself as a hero is when he fights grendel’s mother. He goes down in her cave and tries to hit her with his sword but it fails to pierce her skin. That’s a good example that he is a hero because knowing that the sword didn’t pierce her skin he throws the sword away and attacks her with his bare hands. Than he sees a sword of enormous size which he immediately grabs. He use sword to kill Grendel’s mother by cutting her head off. Beowulf was a courageous man because he fight that monster with no weapons at the begginig and at the end he kill her.tries to hit her with his sword tries to hit her with his sword Finally Beowulf establishes himself as a hero by fighting the dragon showing strength and courage when fighting the dragon, and sacrificing himself so that others can live. The Dragon section displays many of Beowulf's heroic characteristics. One example is that even when Beowulf is fighting the Dragon and realizes that his sword can do no damage he continues to fight. Another example is when Beowulf's fight against the dragon shows Beowulf as a hero because any normal man would have...
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