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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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My Resources | 1920's Scavenger Hunt |
1920’s Virtual Scavenger Hunt: (adapted from Mrs. Kwiatkowski's Site)Directions: Using this list find the following. Copy/Paste your findings underneath each item. Use valid, historical sources including, but not limited to, History in Context (our library, the Houston Public Library, LOC, and a google search (try using sites with org or edu). Primary sources are always wonderful. ____________1920’s Advertisement showing consumerism/ new products___________Picture of a flapper___________Interesting Cover of the Saturday Evening Post from the 1920’s___________Interesting Cover of Time magazine (it started in the 1920s)___________Picture of Any artist’s visual work from the Harlem Renaissance (make sure you tell me who and when it was produced)Beauford Delaney, Greene Street__________Picture of an artist from the Harlem Renaissance__________1920’s Street image either urban or rural__________Picture of a speakeasy with date and location__________Picture of a gangster from 1920’s__________Image of a Suffragette protest__________Picture of Ford’s assembly line__________Picture of a crazy fad/entertainment of the 1920’s__________Name one famous Vaudeville Star and date of pictureHelen Kane Late___________Movie Star of the 1920s___________One popular song of the 1920s give date Al Jolson, “Swanee” (George Gershwin/Irving Caesar) Columbia A-2884, 1920___________One of Amelia Earhart’s successful flights___________ One article on the Charles Lindbergh Kidnapping___________ One song title of Miles Davis Blue In Green___________Name two of Langston Hughes’ most famous poemsFields of Wonder (1947) One Way Ticket (1947)___________Name two of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s famous worksThis Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and Damned___________What was Charlie Chaplin’s first movie?A Dog’s Life___________What was Walt Disney’s first Cartoon?Flowers and Trees or Alice Comedies___________What was the average income in 1920? 1925?...
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