2 Random Speeches Bob Marley and Beauty (Ideas)

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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September 27, 2012
Bob Marley the Rastafarian

I. Nesta Robert Bob Marley was born February of 1945. Bob Marley was born in Jamaica. You might know him as a singer, song writer, a rhythm guitarist, and lead singer of the Wailer’s. He stayed with the group through most of his life. Bob is the go to guy for spreading Jamaican music and the Rastafarian movement. Some of his most popular songs are: I Shot the Sheriff, No Women No Cry and Jamming to name a few, I listen to some of his music, which for me is inspirational. Gives me something to think about, what was going on in his mind mentally and the thoughts about war, peace and love.

II. One of my favorite quotes from Bob is “I don’t have prejudice against white people because then I would have prejudice against myself. My father is white my mother is black. I’m not on the black men side or the white men, I’m God’s side. Bob Marley was raised Catholic, but became a devoted Rastafarian and started growing dreads, which is very important to them, it’s like the anatine tuning meaning you’re into the universe. Rastas are also vegetarian. Bob was a jiglo with eleven kids, some you might know like Damien Marley and Ziggy Marley.

III. Rastafarians also were avid pot heads which is a Rastafarian belief were ganja or that kush is a holy sacrament. The difference between Rastas and non Rastas are that they smoke for religious and medicinal purposes. Another quote I like is “why do government people want the herb to be illegal, why something that makes people so happy, so relax so illegal? Some people smoke weed because you rebel makes you question what is and what isn’t. Exercise your mind frees your mind in a society that tries to involve it’s self in everyday life telling you what is right and wrong!”

IV. In July 1977 Bob found out that out that he had cancer all throughout his body, he even had spots his brain the size of quarters that the doctor didn’t understand how he last so long without any...
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