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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Most lasting influence of China
Commerce and trade

Chinese food
pancit, siopao and siomai

Chinese Influences

Chinese words in Filipino language
ditse, ate, susi, siyaho, impo, mangkok, siyanse

Filipino customs originated from China such as arranged marriages by the parents, the hiring of go-between to negotiate marriages between two parties, and respect given to parents and elders.

It was from them that Filipinos learned the use of porcelain as well as methods of mining. Filipino people acquired Chinese sterling traits such as love of family, industry, frugality, humility, fortitude, and kindness.


Chinese influence over ancient Filipinos has proved to be holistic in nature in a sense that they have affected the Filipinos in terms of economy, clothing, language, and more importantly, values and beliefs.

From India came certain “industries”.
Many Filipino superstitious beliefs came from India.
Many Filipino fables were of Indian origin. One of it is the tagalog story of the monkey and the turtle and Version fom different ethnic groups exist. The maranao version is the Maharada lawana. Filipinos love food prepared from curry, especially chicken curry. Hierarchy of supreme god (Bathala and Indra Batara) and demigod. The sarong, turban fight-fitting trousers of ht e muslim-filipino man are of East Indian origin.

Decorative art, metal work,particularly brass, bronze, copper and tin. Influence in language, music, and writing (Baybayin is based on Sanskrit; a quarter of Tagalog is of Sanskrit origin). Some common words are guro/guru (teacher), mukha (face), putong (turban).  India also brought the spread of religion, including forms of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam (brought by the Majapahit Empire). After a wedding ceremony, the guests throw rice upon the bride and the groom Placing fresh flower garland around the neck of the visitor upon his arrival or departure, symbolic of hospitality and friendship. C