2.3: Scope of the Study:

Topics: Vice president, Confidentiality, Balanced line Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: January 6, 2013
1.5 Limitations of the study:
I won’t say thatmy study and the decisions I made are self sufficient. That doesn’t mean thatthere was any dearth of my professionalism and eagerness to reach to thesolution, rather it means that I had to face some obstacles. Those may besummarized as follows: • It was so difficult to collect the adequate and real data from the assigned organization. • Lack of experience in related field.

• The research area was so far from our institution.
• Due to the lack of time I could not acquire in depth knowledge of the activities of different department perfectly and clearly.. • Improper combination among various departments
• Adequate books, publication and journals were not available

2.3: Scope of the Study:

There is a certain boundary to cover this report. This particular report only covers work-life balanced issues that actually practiced in Mercantile Bank Limited. Mainly I focused on all the employees of Mercantile Bank Limited Sylhet Branch. And I also talked with the Senior Vice President who is the Branch Manager of this Branch Mr. Imam Kabir Chowdhury and Assistant Vice President who is Manager Operation of this Branch Mr. Debojyoti Mojumder regarding work-life balance policy of MBL. There are 17 employees in this branch those are actively working and I surveyed among all the employees of this branch. Through Mercantile Bank Limited Human Resource Policy Manual I got lots of information that helped me a lot in making this report. As well as I gathered information through internet Mercantile Bank Limited official web-site. Moreover I got some confidential information which is not possible to disclose publicly, so those data and information had to be ignored for this report.
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