2.10B Honors: Crucible Essay

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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2.10B Honors: Crucible Essay

The word Crucible can mean couple of things, however the definition that stands out the most is ' A place or occasion of severe test or trial '. Just reading it, it could mean numerous things, however after reading the play, The Crucible, it makes a little more sense. In this play, test and trial is exactly what goes on. Women were being accused of performing witchcraft and being witches, which meant they would go to trial where they would either accept or deny this accusation and based on what they said, they could be put to death. This changed many of the characters. The 3 main characters i will discuss which underwent change are Mr. Proctor, who changed quite a bit, Abigail, who did not change at all, and Mary Warren, who changed because of John Proctor.

At first, Mr. Proctor seems a bit full of himself, he has an affair with Abigail, but claims he loves his wife, i'm sure he sees it as a mistake, but not Abigail. As Abigail claims his wife is a witch, she is given a trial and arrested. John Proctor doesn't like this, in fact he knows she is not a witch and wants to save her, but but trying to do so he puts himself in a bit of a jam. As he is accused of signing a deal with the devil, John will do anything so long as his wife stays safe. He accepts the accusation to prevent his death, but refuses to sign his name as he wishes to 'keep his name'. His belief that lying will get him out of trouble, changes as the play goes on, and he in fact learns that one's pride is important. That's it's better to die with your pride and honor, then to live without it.

However, not everyone in this play changes. Abigail continuously accuses other women of being witches, and she has children who confirms it, because the children are considered to be able to see spirits. At the beginning she dislikes Elizabeth Proctor for being married to John Proctor and accuses her first, then has Mary warren say it's true. An example is at the end, when...
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