1st Year Organisational Behaviour

Topics: Job satisfaction, Personality psychology, Psychology Pages: 6 (1985 words) Published: December 20, 2012
What are personality assessments? These are a range of tasks and duties that are used to determine various aspects of a singles individual personality or emotional status .The most common of these tests is The Big Five Locator. It is mainly based on values, lifestyle and attitude .The theory was initially created by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae in 1970.The assessment involves a questionnaire that outlines five main traits namely openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and negative emotionality.tis can also be known as OCEAN. Although this is the most acceptable method of assessing personality psychologists still believe is not entirely accurate. According to the assessment I scored a figure of 21 in the openness trait, this means that I am curious and eager to explore as of now I completely agree with the assessment as I find myself to be a very outgoing individual who has never been afraid to try new activities. Conscientiousness this refers to the level at which an individual is dependable or spontaneous a high mark in this trait would mean that the individual is dependable I scored 16.The figure 16 shows a balance between these two qualities .The third trait is extraversion. Extraversion is difference between an individual being outgoing and energetic compared to solidarity and being reserved in this trait I scored 21 this shows that I am an outgoing individual, again I agree with the test in relation to this result. Agreeableness could simply be defined by the word it is the level at which one is compassionate and friendly to others in this trait, I scored 18.This is a fairly high score which signifies a strength in public relations .The last trait is negative emotions in this trait I scored 12 which reflects that I am calm, secure and guilt free individual. The overall description of my personality using The Big Five Locator shows that I am a very outgoing person, I am always willing to try new adventures and activities .It also shows that I am a very social being who has grown to be dependable and secure .This self evaluation of my personality assisted me in choosing my desired career which is bartending. Bartending can either be a short-term or long time career .A bartender is a person who serves alcoholic drink beverages in a licensed bar, bartenders also maintain the supplies and inventory of a bar .In relation to personality , a bartender is expected to be “social animal’’. The individual has to have overt social personality and must crave social attention, the individual must also enjoy being around people and must enjoy daily social interaction .According to the Big Five Locator these are all traits that I posses using the extraversion scale were I scored 21.A bartender is also expected to be confident and secure ,must also have a good memory .This is labelled as conscientiousness in The Big Five Locator I scored 16 which is just above the average score a balanced personality in this trait reflects high potential in organisation and discipline. Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal .A good team member must have a high score in agreeableness as he or she receives information from different individuals .In bartending a individuals success depends on the ability of the entire team which includes the deejay, security, waiters and bar backs to work together. A high score in agreeableness would mean that the individual has the ability to successfully listen and respond to requirements of the rest of the team. Since team work is essential in this industry one must be dependable in the Big five Locator personality test this is labelled as conscientiousness.

Leadership is the activity of leading a group of people or organisation to achieve a common task or goal. Leadership in bartending is on a small scale as there is always a supervisor or manager to ensure correct practices are carried out throughout a shift. However as a...
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