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1 Samuel
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1 Samuel 1
1. What were the names of Elkanah's two wives? A. Ruth and Naomi C. Hannah and Peninnah B. Hannah and Dinah D. Peninnah and Ruth 2. When Hannah is first mentioned in 1 Samuel, how many children does she have? A. Zero C. One B. Two D. Three 3. What portion of meat did Hannah receive from her husband Elkanah when they went to Shiloh to sacrifice? A. A double portion C. A portion equal to Peninnah B. A single portion D. A triple portion 4. According to 1 Samuel chapter 1, verse 5, the LORD had closed Hannah's A. mind. C. heart. B. mouth. D. womb. 5. How did Peninnah react to Hannah's closed womb? A. She pitied her C. She prayed with her in the gates B. She provoked her D. She gave her one of her own sons to raise 6. Because Peninnah provoked Hannah, Hannah wept and would not A. eat. C. speak. B. sleep. D. travel. 7. Once when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah stood up and A. began to fight with Peninnah. C. wept in bitterness and prayed. B. asked Eli why she was cursed. D. silently left the room. 8. Hannah vowed to the LORD that if he would give her a son, she would A. make him be a priest. C. name him Eli, after the priest. B. give him to the LORD. D. allow Peninnah to raise him. 9. Hannah told the LORD that if he gave her a son A. no razor would be used on his head. C. he would keep the Sabbath holy. B. no harm would befall him. D. he would inherit Elkanah's flocks. 10. Eli believed Hannah was drunk because while she prayed A. she could not continue standing. C. her lips moved but her voice was not heard. B. she moved about restlessly. D. she slurred her words. 11. Eli told Hannah to get rid of her A. wine. B. false hopes. C. sorrow. D. greedy nature.

12. When Eli realized that Hannah was not drunk but praying, he expressed his hope that the LORD would A. give her handmaid a child. C. grant what she had asked. B. bless her with ten sons. D. punish Peninnah for provoking her. 1-A

13. In the course of time, Hannah conceived and gave birth to a son, and named him A. Jonathan. C. Samuel. B. Elias. D. Saul. 14. Hannah named her son Samuel, saying, A. "Promise of God." B. "Child of my joy." C. "Child of my sorrow." D. "Because I asked the LORD for him."

15. Hannah told Elkanah that she would present Samuel to the LORD A. when he turned twelve. C. when his hair grew to his shoulders. B. when the bull had been fattened. D. when he was weaned. 16. When Hannah took Samuel to the house of the LORD at Shiloh, what did she take along? A. A skin of wine C. A three year old bull B. An ephah of flour D. All of the above 17. After slaughtering the bull that Hannah took to the house of the LORD, they A. sacrificed two turtle doves. C. brought the boy to Eli. B. worshiped the LORD in the gates. D. prayed for more children. 18. When Hannah brought Samuel to Eli, she said to him that for his whole life he would be A. given over to the LORD. C. unharmed by evil. B. Eli's servant. D. hated by the sons of Peninnah. Advanced--------------------------------------------------------------19. Elkanah was a descendant of _____. A. Judah B. Levi C. Naphtali D. Ephraim

20. Elkanah worshiped and sacrificed to the LORD Almighty year after year at _____. A. Jerusalem B. Ramah C. Ebenezer D. Shiloh

21. Hophni and Phinehas, two sons of Eli, were _____. A. priests of the LORD at Shiloh B. descendants of Judah C. servants of the king

D. shepherds 22. Hannah had no children. Year after year her rival Peninnah provoked her in order to _____. A. help Hannah have children v3 B....
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