1995 Rugby World Cup and Nelson Mandela

Topics: 1995 Rugby World Cup, South Africa national rugby union team, Invictus Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Invictus, it is a word that means unconquerable.
The movie Invictus is a very inspiring true story of how a man, Nelson Mandela, who was a prisoner became a president of his beloved country. But as he took his place as the president, there is a great challenge that he needs to overcome- that is to unite his country and break the law of apartheid. Nelson Mandela knew that his country remains racially and economically divided, but he believed that through the universal language of sport, Rugby, he can bring his people together. With the help of the Captain Francois Pienaar, the captain of the Springboks, they changed their nation together as they made the impossible possible- to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Nelson Mandela is a well-respected man with a great determination and philosophy. As their newly-elected leader, he knew that he has a great responsibility to change his country- but it will start with forgiveness and reconciliation. He even accepted the staff of the previous administration even though these people were working with the president who imprisoned him. Nelson Mandela was such a great man with unfathomable grace and forgiveness. In every word he uttered, there is wisdom. He has the ability to encourage and influence someone’s point of view. Indeed, in spite of focusing on all the economical, social and political issues left by the former government, Nelson Mandela wants to reunite the people in South Africa and to erase black and white races divergences. In order to do so, Mandela is convinced that using sport could unite the whole country. That is why the leader will assign François Pienaar, captain of the national rugby team, the mission of winning the rugby World Cup. Through supporting this team, we can see little by little that people start to communicate with each other again, to support each other, and to overcome racial differences. This report is to analyse the key aspects of Mandela’s successful leadership. For the poem...
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