1984: Winston's Views of Sex

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Nineteen eighty-four
Why does Winston think that sex is most rebellious act against the party? I think that Winston feels that sex is the best action of rebellion against the party, because firstly, the party discourages sex. They encourage abstinence, and also have an Anti-sex league where woman are encouraged not to have sex. Secondly, because sex is the easiest way to obtain many sensual feelings, ranging from pleasure, to aggression. It provokes the most amount of emotion. Lastly, that sex is not easily able to occur in the privacy of even his own home. He must travel to more private and difficult to reach areas to try to even achieve having sex. Also, sexual relations with someone must involve a lot of privacy, and feelings, and also emotional attachment, which the party also disapproves. The party does not allow any true friendship, or any type of relation with anyone within the party. Instead they are supposed to pour all those feelings toward the constant enemy, who will always be there. So by having sex, Winston believes he is directly disobeying all the rules of the party. Does the girl outside mr. charringtons shop who constantly sings symbolize anything toward Winston? I think that maybe that girl is an outward manifestation of Winstons true wanting. Winstons main goal in life is the wanting to be free, free of all control. He does not want to be apart of the party, he wishes he was a prole, or in a society where everyone is free, free to think, free to speak, and have privacy in their own homes. Winston truly wants to be free like that woman, he wants to be able to sing, and be happy. Also, Winston believes that the key to overthrowing the party lies in the proles. The woman who is always outside of the shop is a prole. The woman symbolizes winstons vision that one day the proles will overcome the party and free the rest of oceania. She becomes a symbol of hope and will. Winston speaks of the brotherhood in this reading, do...
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