1984 Study Guide Questions

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Short Answer Study Guide Questions 1984

Section Two: Chapters I, II, III, IV

1. the girl’s arm is in a sling. She falls near Winston, and he helps her up. While he is helping her up she slips a note in Winston’s hand.

2. The note reads: I love you.

3. Winston is stunned and finds it hard to concentrate on his work. He feels a desire to stay alive. That night in the dark he thinks about ways to meet with the girl. Then he becomes afraid that he might lose her.

4. Their next meeting takes place at lunchtime in the canteen a week later. Winston sits at her table and they arrange a meeting in the square for that night.

5. They stand near each other and watch a parade of prisoners go by. They do not look at each other. The girl gives Winston directions for a place to meet the following Sunday. They hold each other’s hands hands for about ten seconds.

6. He feels incredulity and pride. He does not feel any physical desire.

7. The girl with the dark hair’s name is Julia.

8. She tell Winston that there was something about him that tells her he does not belong. She knew right away that Winston was against the Party.

9. Julia hates the Party. She says the Party wants to stop people from having fun, so she breaks the rules whenever she can. She has no interest in Party doctrine. However, she always acts interested in the Party and participates in many activities.

10. The absence of sex creates a kind of madness in the people. When people are able to have sexual relationships they use up energy and are happy. Then they are not interested in the Party. So keeping sex away from the people enables the Party to create fear and hatred.

11. Parents are still encouraged to be fond of their children. However, the children are taught to spy on their parents, successfully placing the Thought Police in every home.

12. Winston rents the room above the shop. He plans to use it for a private place for himself and Julia.

13. Julia brings real coffee, sugar, and milk. She also brings and puts on makeup and perfume that she got from a prole store. These items are luxuries that only the Inner Party members have.

14. Winston’s fear takes over and he gets pale. He explains to Julia that he does not like rats. He thinks of a recurring nightmare that he has.

Section Two: V, VI, VII, VIII
1. Syme has vanished

2. Winston has gained weight, stopped coughing, and his varicose ulcer has gone down. He no longer drinks gin. He also does not have any urge to make faces at the telescreen or curse.

3. Winston and Julia know that their relationship cannot last.

4. Winston realizes that it is easy to look like one was supporting the Party when one is ignorant to what is really going on.

5. Winston and O’Brien meet in a hallway in the Ministry. O’Brien compliments Winston on his writing. He mentions Syme’s work but not his name. This reference seems to Winston to be a signal or code word that he and O’Brien are accomplices in thoughtcrime. O’Brien offers to loan Winston a copy of the Eleventh Edition of the Newspeak dictionary and gives Winston his address in full view of a telescreen.

6. Winston thinks the meeting means that the conspiracy against The Party is real and he has reached it. He also thinks it will mean his death.

7. Winston says the real betrayal will be if they are forced to stop loving each other.

8. Winston says if they can feel inside that staying human is meaningful they will have beaten the Party.

9. Winston asks if Goldstein and the Brotherhood are real. O’Brien tells them it is, and that he is part of it. They say they want to join. O’Brien says they won’t see any changes in their lifetime. He tells Winston how he will receive a copy of Goldstein’s book.

10. O’Brien knows the last line of the rhyme that Mr. Charrington had started telling him. Foreshadowing? Is O’Brien part of the though police?

Section Two: IX, X

1. The enemy has changed from Eurasia to...
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