1984: Room 101 Surveillance and Proletariat

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Winston finds himself alone in a cell, probably within the walls of theMinistry of Love. Before bringing him to the cell, Winston was detained in an ordinary prison, along with a diverse group of proles and political Party prisoners. He heard two Party women whisper quickly to each other about something called "Room 101." Topic Tracking: Surveillance 17

Topic Tracking: Proletariat 15
Winston is hungry and frightened, knowing he will be facing physical abuse and possible torture. Conscious thoughts of Juliaare not necessary. He instinctively feels love for her and will not betray her; these feelings do not require conscious thought. His thoughts are of O'Brien. Winston wonders whether the Brotherhood will smuggle a razor blade in to him. He thinks of what it would be like to cut into his veins and wonders if he could do it. "It was more natural to exist from moment to moment, accepting another ten minutes' life even with the certainty that there was torture at the end of it." Part 3, Chapter 1, pg. 232 He does not know the time of day, for the lights are always on. His cell is "the place where there is no darkness." The steel door opens and Ampleforth, one of Winston's co-workers, is thrown into the cell. They talk. After about an hour, an officer comes and takes Ampleforth to Room 101. Much later, Parsons is brought to the cell. Winston is surprised. Parsons reveals he was incarcerated for thoughtcrime; he is afraid and feels terribly guilty. Topic Tracking: Surveillance 18

Parsons is taken away and other prisoners come and go, including a woman who is sent to Room 101. She crumples in fear as the orders are given. Opposite Winston is a man with a chinless, toothy, rodent-like face. Another prisoner, a skull-faced man, is brought into the cell. The other prisoners notice he is starving to death, and the chinless man finds a dirty piece of bread in a pocket and holds it out to him. The telescreen voice roars and guards break into the cell and beat up the chinless man until his face and mouth are bruised and swollen and blood is oozing from his mouth and nose. An officer comes to take the skull-faced man to Room 101. He howls and clings to the bench, but eventually they drag him away. A long time passes. The door opens and O'Brien comes in. Winston is shocked and cries, "They've got you too!" O'Brien replies, "They got me a long time ago." and steps aside to let in a guard who hits Winston's elbow with a truncheon, knocking him down. This is the first of a series of beatings. Guards kick Winston, and beat him with their fists, truncheons, and steel rods. "There were times when it went on and on until the cruel, wicked, unforgivable thing seemed to him not that the guards continued to beat him but that he could not force himself into losing consciousness." Part 3, Chapter 2, pg. 244 He later realizes that this is part of the routine. Every person who is brought in to the Ministry is first tortured and forced to confess to a variety of crimes such as espionage, sabotage, or worse. Gradually the beatings subside and the interrogation begins. The interrogators constantly keep Winston in slight pain, pulling his hair, and shining glaring lights in his eyes, to keep him in a state of discomfort. Their real weapon, however, is the continuous questioning and abuse. After hours of this, Winston is completely broken and willingly confesses anything and everything to which he is accused. All the time, Winston strangely feels O'Brien's presence, as if he were watching and controlling what is happening to him. Suddenly, he finds himself in a cell, flat on his back on a surface resembling a high camp bed. Somehow he is held down completely immobile. At one side of him is O'Brien, at the other is a man in a white coat holding a syringe. Beneath O'Brien's hand is a dial. As he turns it, a wave of pain floods through Winston's body. After the pain subsides, O'Brien informs Winston of a conversation they will be having. If Winston attempts...
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