1984 Research Outline

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  • Published : September 13, 2012
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Thesis: It is clear that in George Orwell’s 1984, he uses examples of physical, psychological, and social control to give us a warning of the way society is heading. I. Physical Control
A. Products all produced by Ministry of Plenty
1. Victory Gin- smelled sickly and oily.
2. “The stuff was like nitric acid…rubber club” (Orwell 5)
3. All products have word victory, types of propaganda.
4. Party members were not to shop in ordinary shops- “Party members…it was called)” (Orwell 6)
B. Houses and utilities were controlled by Party
1. “Repairs, except...two years” (Orwell 21)
2. All electricity to the flat was cut off at certain time “Twenty-three thirty”
C. Sex is enemy of the party
1. Party tries to abolish orgasm because of pleasure
2. Party wants people to use sexual energy for something productive II. Psychological Control
A. Party propaganda constantly given out.
1. Posters plastered everywhere
2. “At one end…handsome features” (Orwell 1)
3. “On each landing…from the wall” (Orwell 1)
4. Big Brother is watching you
B. Telescreens monitor behavior
1. “The voice came…shut it off completely” (Orwell 2)
2. “The telescreen receive and transmitted simultaneously” (Orwell 3)
3. Telescreens usually placed where whole room could be monitored, almost Every room had its own
4. Telescreens could pick up increase in heartbeat (Bloom 25)
D. Newspeak
1. Newspeak is used by the party to decrease thought (Bloom 33)
2. Made thoughtcrime impossible
3. “Thoughtcrime does not…is death” (Orwell 28)
4. “There will be no thought” (Orwell 53)
5. Words to describe good and bad
E. Rewriting of history
1. The party constantly rewrites history
2. Ministry of truth responsible to updating the past. Winston works there. Huge building that publishes everything “Day by day…up to date” (Orwell 40) 3. Even rewrote things without people’s names, people were vaporized “simply...
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