1984 Motifs and Symbols

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  • Published : January 28, 2007
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The world of Nineteen eighty-four, one is brought to a total dystopian world, where the planet is ruled by an absolute rule government. In Gorge Orwell¡¯s dark vision of this frightening future, where the power-mad few rules over the land by manipulating the mind of the masses though the use of language, hatred, and physical pain. This work is a cautionary tale against totalitarianism and potential totalitarianism. Perhaps the most powerful fiction novel in the twentieth century, demonstrated to how Winston Smith¡¯s individual characteristic is completely wipe out by horrifying tortures and is recreated into a new person under the Party¡¯s image which he does not only obey the Party without questioning moreover even loves Big Brother sincerely. Many literature tactics are used to fulfill Orwell¡¯s needs to present his vision of this dystopian future. His motifs and symbols is the novel successfully supported and present his idea. Throughout the city of London, poster of the man gazing down under the word ¡°BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU¡± is present in very corner. Big Brother is the face of the Party, which embodies as the ruler of the nation and the head of the Party. However, it is never review if Big Brother real exist or not in the book. It also makes it impossible to know who the real ruler of Oceania, what life is like for them and what the seasons for any actions they have done. Big Brother is reassurance to most people in the novel. He makes most people to feel warm, loving, and safe. Nonetheless, the poster is also a treat to any unfaithful citizens such as Winston. The poster of Big Brother portrays the theme of psychological control of the Party over its people. The omnipresent and omniscient image drives the citizens to a degree where their own nerve system is their biggest enemy. Big Brother is the subject that is loved by all Party members. Big Brother emotionally controls the nation. The people worship this god-like figure. Because of its emotional...
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