1984, George Orwell Two Main Characters

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Rebellion, Difference Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: November 27, 2010
In 1984, George Orwell has demonstrated the possibilities of two main characters who have contradicting traits can fall deeply in love. Although they are both secret rebels of the party and they both hate the Party's totalitarian power in Oceania, Winston and Julia still bear a striking difference from each other. They are different in physical appearances, their views upon life, and their motivation towards the rebellion. Despite their contrasting beliefs and traits, the couple still manages to overcome the difficulties lying in front of them. Physically, the appearance of Winston is exact antithesis of Julia's. Winston is a quiet man at his late thirties. He is very unhealthy, or in a poor physical condition that causes him to cough every morning. Nevertheless, the young Julia is energetic and fresh when being compared to Winston. The way she throws her clothes off shows her confidence and excitement on her sex life and it attracts the old man, Winston, to the pretty looking Julia. "Her Body seemed to be pouring some of its youth and vigor into his." (Page 143) Julia is very energetic compared to Winston, and she brings fresh enjoyment and fascinating excitement into their relationship. Both Julia and Winston live their lives in a similar way; they are constantly in the danger of getting captured by the Party. However, their points of view of life are very different from each other. Julia simply wants a life without restrictions and limits to her pleasure. She is indifferent and very limited on her desire and expectations towards the government. All she wishes is she can live happily in the present, and does not worry about anything else other than herself. On the contrary, Winston sees himself drenched in a measurable life that, he believes, has to be changed. Believing that there is still hope in his life, Winston secretly wishes to overthrow the government. For instance, he wants to have sex not for his physical desire or needs, yet to rebel against the...
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