1984 Expository Essay

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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1984 Expository Essay
The Book 1984 was written by George Orwell shortly after W.W.II. The book really shows us what would happen if the government gets too powerful. The world of 1984 is so organize that it has many high technologies to keep people on line or more importantly is to control. However, our world is much more different, we have our own individualism, freedom, and power. First of all, our world is much more different than the world of 1984, because we have our own individualism. In the world of 1984 is much more different than that. You have no individualism, everything you do is been monitor by the telescreen, which is everywhere in the world of 1984. It picks up every movement and sound where it is placed. So when Winston, the main character in the story, writing the diary, he have to hide from the telescreen, because in the world of 1984 writing a diary is a crime. On the other hand, our world is much more different. We can do almost whatever we want, like written diary or go to sleep, without scare to get caught or being monitor. Moreover, our world is much more different than the world of 1984, because we have our own freedom. This world you can have freedom of almost anything. You can speak or learn whatever language you want, practice your religion, and write whatever you want. But in the world of 1984, the country had developed its own language called Newspeak. It was unique in the sense that, while other languages helped increase communication, it was formed to decrease it. The language lost words pretty regularly to reduce the amount of brain activity, making communication more limited. When you can worship anything or anyone you want, exercise in your own time or you don’t have to, and love anyone you want. But, in the world of 1984, everything is much more different. You cannot love or worship anything you want; all you need is Big Brother, who is the leader of the Party and also the one that control you
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