1984 Essay

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  • Published: August 27, 2013
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1984 Essay
Throughout history we can see many examples of totalitarian society. The results of these societies have always been frightening. For example, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Japan are all under the power of totalitarianism. Under the totalitarian government’s control, many of the citizens suffered and died; the government uses their power, forces, propaganda, and threatens its citizens to force them to follow and obey the government. George Orwell uses his novel, 1984, as a warning to future generations of the dangers of this type of governmental control.

Orwell describes how the government is watching its citizens by using the telescreens and microphones. They are hidden everywhere and people cannot escape from it. Telescreens watch the citizens day and night, people have no privacy, whatever they say and do, the government can hear and see. All the members in The Party cannot have any thoughts or records against their party and leader. But Winston Smith, the protagonist in the novel, who is against his government and hates their leader, Big Brother, is writing a secret diary. “The thing that he was about to do was to open a diary. This was not illegal ( nothing was illegal, since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death, or at least by twenty five years in a forced-labour camp.” (Orwell 8)

Doing something that is against The Party and Big Brother is a very big risk, whoever is doing things that is illegal; they will be sent it to the Ministry of Love to be re-educated. The Ministry of Love is a very frightening place. There are no windows in it at all, the place is impossible to enter except for the workers. No one knows what the inside looks like, they will never find out how horrible it is. The Ministry of Love is a place where The Party punishes and tortures people, forcing them to obey the government and love Big Brother. Nowadays, our society is lead by democratic government. People have freedom, and can do anything they want. But there are some governments that are using the Internet and other means to secretly look into people’s messages, emails and personal information. They use telephone tapping, hidden secret cameras and satellites to watch people; they take pictures without people’s permission and post it in public. “License plate readers are just one example of a disturbing phenomenon: The government is increasingly using new technology to collect information about all of us, all the time, and to store it forever providing a complete record of our lives for it to access at will." (UPI) The government should protect people’s privacy not use it for their own good, they should not take pictures without people’s permissions, if is necessary, they should ask permission first.

The government of Oceania has also created a little army, the Junior Spies. The Junior Spies are the groups of children that are brainwashed and encouraged to spy on their parents and report any instance of disloyalty to The Party. “/Down with Big Brother! Yes, I said that! Said it over and over again, it seems. Between you and me, old man, I’m glad they got me before it went any further. Do you know what I’m going to say to them when I go up before the tribunal? / Thank you, I’m going to say, ‘thank you for saving me before it was too late.’/ Who denounced you? / said Winston. /It was my little daughter/ said Parsons with a sort of doleful pride. /She listened at the keyhole. /” (Orwell 245) Mr. Parsons’ daughter reports Mr. Parsons as a thought criminal, because Mr. Parsons has said something that is against Big Brother when he was asleep. The children are brainwashed by the government, to spy on their parents and report them to the thought police. Just as like in WWII, many children belonged to the Hitler Youth that also spied on their parents and other citizens. The Ministry of Love, according to Winston's words, it is a very...
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