"1984" Essay

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Love, Mind Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: April 18, 2013

After being beaten, starved and confronted with his greatest fear, Winston, the protagonist in the novel 1984, finally gives in to the Party’s needs. Winston and his lover, Julia are both taken into custody after they were caught for being in a relationship, something that was forbidden in the province of Oceania, the place that they live. O’Brien, an important member of the Party that is in charge of the torture of Winston, forces Winston to completely forget about his past thoughts. O’ Brien moves Winston into room 101, a room notorious for the site of horrific things. O’ Brien attaches a cage of hungry rats to Winston’s face. Because of this, Winston breaks down and becomes controlled by the Party once again. He doesn’t care about Julia and yells out to feed Julia to the rats instead. Winston lost all his love for Julia and O’ Brien lets Winston and Julia go. This is how the Party controls minds. After some time, the reader learns that Winston had been living a calm and peaceful life. He didn’t have a single thought of betraying the Party anymore and followed every rule there was. Winston saw Julia again and noticed that she changed a lot since the change. They talk for a brief period and they both apologized for betraying each other. Both of their minds have been completely shifted by O’ Brien and the rest of the Party. Winston and Julia had defied and broke many rules of Oceania just for their love for each other. They met, talked and kissed far away from the general population. They risked their own safety to be with one another. Winston and Julia thought they would never be separated, even if the Police came to arrest them. After O’ Brien made Winston go up against his greatest fear, Winston’s brian was in total control of O’ Brien. Because of O’ Brien’s actions, he didn’t even want to talk to the person that he loved, he had erased all his past thoughts about his life, and he praised Big Brother as a god, someone who he despised...
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