1984 and Matrix in a Distopian Society

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, English-language films, Dystopia Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 11, 2013
“1984” and the “Matrix” in a Dystopian Society

Dystopia is portrayed in the movies, “1984” and the “Matrix”. In “1984” it was shown that the people were being controlled and the law is being forced on them. In the “Matrix” humans were forced to hide underground. Both the “Matrix” and “1984” show how people are exploited and deceived in a dystopian society.

In the world of “1984” the civilians are governed by a party. It was clearly shown that there was a strict government and Big Brother was watching over all the people in the society. It was a society with constant surveillance, the people were not allowed to have open relationships, and one of the people who were caught in a sexual relationship was taken away and agonized. The government even got to a level where they left the people in the society with no electricity during the daylight. The Ministries were in control over the society in “1984”. Each ministry stated there own rules and if we were too look at it from the real world, it would be totally wrong. The Ministry of Peace stated that “war is peace”, this shows “1984 as a dystopian society because people were forced to follow the rules and they had to agree with the ministries even if in the real world we know that war can not be peace.

The “Matrix” is played very differently from most of the movies we watch. The people of the “Matrix” had fear of the outside world, humans are afraid of the robots and they are not in control of their lives. People are forced to do things because the technology there makes it a controlled society. The society in this movie is shown as a dystopia; the people of the city are forced to hide underground because the agents will catch them. The agents were not humans, they were robots who would catch people and kill them. Morpheus was the only one who was caught but still alive because he knew about the last remaining city. Morpheus and Trinity thought that Neo was the only one to stop the agents. This movie is a...
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