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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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1984 Timed Writing
George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 focuses on the torture the totalitarian government puts its people through in order to control their minds and behaviors. Violence as a means of control in the novel, demonstrates how oppressed people will often rebel to acquire the freedom they desire. The party in Oceania controls every single aspect of a person’s life. The prohibition of free thought, sex and any kind of expression irritates Winston into feeling oppressed. After Winston gets caught for having an affair with Julia, he is sent to Room 101 of the Ministry of Love. “The chinless man obeyed… He took his stand opposite the chinless man, and then, at a signal from the officer, let free a frightful blow, with all the weight of his body behind it, full in the chinless man’s mouth” (pg.235) Such demonstration of violence is very unbearable that the chinless man doesn’t have the energy to get back up. The tortures that the chinless man experiences are almost harrowing to imagine that he was beat so hardly. Even though the torture doesn’t just limit itself to physical suffering, it also includes brain washing, mind control and indoctrination. The fact that they make one person undergo through such painful punishments just to turn rebellious minds into tolerant minds is very harsh. He’s been hurt so bad that even though there was blood oozing out of his mouth, he squeaked faintly and suddenly forgot the pain. It was a routine for him, thus, he kept quiet and carried on to get punished the next time. After being beaten so rigidly, the prisoners weren’t to express any emotion or expression of pain. If they did, they were to be beaten inhumanely again. The violence used in this novel portrays how extreme one can go to delete all beliefs people had. It is cruel and brutal to mind control and to manipulate people, we as people, have the freedom to think and express. I believe that this right shouldn’t be exploited because of the means of...
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