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In George Orwell’s famous, 1984, the protagonist is much different from most others in the sense that he is not a hero of any sort, and also does not develop into one as the story progresses. Winston Smith, a thirty-nine year old man living day-to-day in Oceania’s Airstrip One is frustrated with Big Brother and The Party and is generally pessimistic and fatalistic about life and everything it entails. He is constantly thinking about his hatred toward The Party and how he would like to lead a rebellion against them, but never truly believes that it can be done in his lifetime. Next to his hatred for The Party, his intense sexual desire is also something that is on his mind much of the time, which begins to overshadow his general judgement once he meets Julia and their relationship develops. His overall outlook on life is that sooner rather than later everyone will die no matter what they do, so life in a nutshell is bare and pointless. On top of the fact that he doesn’t believe The Party can be conquered, he doesn’t even possess confidence in himself to be happy in his life and to live it happily. Simply put, Winston does not feel that life is worth living if The Party is in control, and his pessimistic, fatalistic attitude toward life eventually leads to his own downfall and capture by The Party.

One of Winston’s most prominent attributes is his intense hatred toward Big Brother and The Party, and although he dreams of a life where they have been conquered, he doesn’t believe that it could ever be done. He is convinced that no matter what he does, the party will be in power forever, and that they are simply too powerful to be defeated. Winston also feels very alone in the sense that he doesn’t think many others feel the need to take down The Party like he does, and he thinks that most of the people he interacts with lack the intelligence to see life the way he sees it. At one point in his diary he writes, “Until they become conscious they will...

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