1983 American History Dbq

Topics: Money, Populist Party, Inflation Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: February 2, 2011
From 1880 to 1890 farmers had to endure many hardships. For example, food prices were decreasing, which meant farmers had to produce more crops and borrow more money from the banks. The banks then charged high interest rates for loans to farmers. In addition, rail road shipping rates were increasing, farm machinery was every expensive, the farmer's were isolated from the rest of the country, and they felt that they had an unresponsive government. The farmers believed that the deflating currency and the government's failure to regulate the banks and railroad companies were the two main sources for their problems.

Food prices were at incredibly low prices when the 1880's began. This led to farmers having to grow more crops, but as "Causes of Agricultural Unrest" shows, this only helped to further decrease food prices. Unfortunately, the farmers could not just produce less and wait for prices to increase because they didn't have the time to wait for prices to increase. The farmers believed that deflation was the cause of the food prices dropping. According to the "United Sates government data," the farmer's had a very valid point. Between 1865 and 1895 the population of the United States almost doubled, while the money in circulation in 1880 was even less than in 1865. The farmers solution to the deflation was an increase in cheap money, which is also known as silver coinage. However, the Republican party had conservative ideas and wanted to keep the gold standard. So the farmers created the radical, agrarian party known as the Populist party. As shown in "The platform of the People's party," the Populists believed in increasing silver to help the farmers. And although the Populists lost the election. no one remembers the "Acceptance speech of William McKinley." The American people remember W.J. Bryan's Cross of Gold speech and his ideas of silver coinage.

As the number of crops farmers had to produce increased, so did the amount of money the farmers had to...
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