1970 Jsu Shooting

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Destiny Bowie
Instructor C. Liegh McInnis
English 105-11
September 29, 2012

Understanding the Causes of the 1970 Jackson College Shooting

The 1970 Jackson College shooting occurred May 14, 1970. There were many different aspects that lead to the shooting. There was a lot of tension between the white motorist and the JSC students over Lynch Street. Another aspect that contributed to the Jackson College shooting was the development of JSC into a major institution with programs equal to that those offered at white institutions. The last aspect was that police over reaction or poor reaction to an event that had nothing to do with JSC. If society researched and discovered the real reasons behind the JSC shooting they’ll see how much of a big incident JSC has overcome as a whole.

The tensions on the way Lynch Street ran right into the heart of the University was a very large aspect that led to the shooting. With Lynch Street being the only way to get from one city in Mississippi to another it caused great risks to the JSC students. The main people driving up and down Lynch Street were white motorist and it caused a lot of tension between them and the African American students that attended JSC due to the fact that they were at an all-time high of tension and activity in America. The African American students eventually got tired of being disrespected on their college campus by white motorist so they decided to take matters into their own hands and stood their ground for the street to be closed. If society understood how important it is to have a closed college campus and understand the risks of having an open campus we could prevent incidents like this from occurring again. When Dr. Peoples became the president of JSC his dream was to develop JSC into a urban and metropolitan university and he made steps to make it such. Dr. Peoples allowed the students of JSC to associate themselves with other students from different schools who took part in the...
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