1964 Election

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, President of the United States Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Abraham Lincoln won the election in 1864 against George B. McClellan because after the war he was greatly respected by many people and thus gained favor over George. He was a great man but at the time nobody knew that. He was disliked by many for his failed attempts at winning the Civil war.

The United States presidential election of 1864 was the 20th presidential election. It was held Tuesday, November 8, 1864. The candidates were Abraham Lincoln, and George B. McClellan. Lincoln ran as the Republican candidate against Democratic candidate George B. McClellan, who ran as the peace candidate without personally believing in his party’s foundation. Lincoln’s campaign was disliked by many. Up to the day of the reelection,even Lincoln didn’t think he was going to win. They opposed Lincoln's mild approach to reconstruction that he had applied to Louisiana. The President's strategy allowed for the reorganization of the state's government if only 10 percent of its white males swore loyalty to the union and accepted the abolition of slavery. Radical Republicans contended that if that plan was applied to all the defeated Confederate states, the former rebels might return to power with little protection for the former slaves. To counter Lincoln's plan,Radical Republicans in Congress passed the Wade-Davis bill, which placed a more severe reconstruction model, 50 percent of the voters had to swear loyalty to the Union, to be administered by Congress. When Lincoln pocket vetoed the bill and invited Southerners to rejoin the Union under his 10 percent plan, or the Wade-Davis plan, his opponents within the party publicly attacked him and this was just months before the election of 1864.

Although Lincoln won nomination for a second term on the first ballot when the Republicans met in Baltimore in June, a disagreement convention of Radical Republicans had met earlier in Cleveland on May 31. They decided on the name Radical Democracy for their party, and they nominated...
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