1950s Interesting Facts

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Ryan Lee
December 6, 2010
1950s Interesting Facts

• 64% of Americans now live in cities
• Silly Putty is introduced!
• North Korea invades South Korea. Truman orders the U.S. into the war. 3 million soldiers and civilians will be killed or wounded before it ends in 1953. • The Open Kettle, a coffee and donut shop in Quincy Mass. is renamed Dunkin' Donuts. • Diner’s Club becomes the first credit card.

• 20 year old outfielder Willie Mays joins N.Y. Giants Baseball team, while Joe DiMaggio retires from baseball. • J.D. Salinger published Catcher in the Rye.
• Gerber Products starts using MSG (monsodium glutamate) in its baby foods to make them taste better. • The U.S. Congress ratifies the Twenty-second Amendment, limiting presidents to two terms in office. • The first section of the New Jersey Turnpike opens.

• University of Tennessee admits its first black student. • Ronald Reagan and actress Nancy Davis were married in San Fernando Valley, California. It was Reagan's second marriage. • Ernest Hemingway, a heavyweight in American literature, publishes The Old Man in the Sea. • Gibson introduced the Les Paul model electric guitar, which was destined to become one of the most popular rock guitars of all time. • Telephone area codes begin.

• Chevrolet begins to roll out plastic-bodied Corvettes. • Joseph Stalin dies at the age of 73. He will not be missed. • The first 3-D movie is shown: Arch Oboler's Bwana Devil, starring Robert Stack. • Dr. Jonas Salk announces discovery of the vaccine for poliomyelitis • There is a 33.2% business failure rate.

• The World Series is broadcast in color for the first time. NY Giants defeat Cleveland (4-0) • Sports Illustrated is born!
• Brown v. Board of Education. Landmark school desegregation case. • Senator Joseph McCarthy accelerates his anti-Communist witch hunt with the nationally televised...
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