1920/30s Hair

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1920/30s hair

* In the 1920s women suddenly had more freedom and were more able and there was a huge change in the hairstyle fashions. * There had just been a war and because men had gone to fight, many jobs that men would have usually done, were now being done by women. * When men returned home, women didn’t want to give up these roles. * Women were given the right to vote in this period and were finally able to support themselves by working and having their own wage. * ‘Celebrity’ was taken on a whole new era as well with the development of film and photography; women were now copying the styles of actresses, singers and dancers such as Louise Brookes, Clare Bow and Marion Davies. * A popular style was the Eton Crop. Wikipedia says –

The Eton crop is a type of short, slicked-down crop hairstyle for women.[1] It became popular during the 1920s because it was ideal to showcase the shape of cloche hats.[1] It was worn by Josephine Baker, among others.[1] The name is supposed to derive from its similarity to a hairstyle popular with schoolboys at Eton.[2] The Eton crop appears to have emerged in Britain in the mid-1920s: the first use of the phrase in The Times is in September 1926. It was a severe hairstyle, emphasising the shape of the head and focusing interest on the face. By June 1927 Margot Asquith, Lady Oxford, was deriding it: "Women with neither backs nor tops to their heads, and faces as large as hams, appear at the King's Drawing Rooms with the nuque of their necks blue from shaving.."[3]. By 1930 it seems to have become outmoded among the most fashionable. A critic reviewing a collection of society portraits notes: "Hairdressing is in a state of transition. There is an Eton crop, there are many soft shingles, and there are a few heads where the hair is being let grow."[4] * The 1920s was unique in hair history and saw the birth of the Flapper' era, shown by women with very short hair, brave new...
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