1920's: Famous Criminals

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The 1920s
The 1920s was the time when jazz marked the music industry because of new the creation of technology. It was mainly the Jazz Era, KKK and Prohibition. People were moving from the South to the North not only because black were free but also for better jobs. It was the time of high crime because whites felt that blacks didn’t belong in the same community as they did. So they formed a group known as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) Who killed, and tortured dark skinned people that they called Negros / black people. The 1920s was the time when Movies were just made with Sound and moving pictures, and when people were basically lazy because they wouldn't need to go see people sing since they could just lay on the couch and listen to the new invention the radio. (The Roaring 20s)    

Crime 1920s
In the 1920s there were scarcely any jobs, so it was hard for the unemployed to provide for their families, because there was no jobs available, so people turned to the gangs, or mobster in order to get money. Selling alcohol was illegal and was considered the worst crime ever because of the bad behavior it caused in people, but that didn't stop gangs or mobsters from making, selling and drinking alcohol. The Purple Gang was one gang that sold, made, and drank alcohol during the 1920s. They were led by Bernstein. In March 1928, Bernstein was arrested and charged with conspiracy to extort money from the city's wholesale dry cleaners industry. Arrested and charged along with Bernstein were other Purple Gang members. Police were initially unable to locate Bernstein. Bernstein surrendered to authorities and posted a $500 bail bond. Beginning June 4, 1928, forty-two witnesses testified over a three month period before Judge Charles Bowles. All the defendants were acquitted of all charges. One of the worst gang leaders was Al Capone who committed the worst crimes when he went to Chicago in 1920. One of his crimes was kidnapping election voters and killing one in the process....
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