1920's Automobiles

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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1920’s Automobiles
Automobiles are one of the most prominent inventions ever created. The automobile industry rapidly grew through the 1920’s. Henry Ford’s invention of the Model-T in 1903 skyrocketed the popularity of the automobile. Ford’s invention of the assembly line allowed the production of automobiles to increase rapidly. The assembly line allowed the automobile to be affordable for every American. Automobiles changed the way people traveled and lived. Without cars we would not have drive-ins, drive-thru, or fast food restaurants. People have come to depend on their cars for earning a living, or traveling to their dream vacation spot. Cars became inexpensive, and very easy to make. In the 1920’s, the automobile industry started a revolution that we continue to see today.

In 1913 Henry Ford invented and installed the first conveyor –belt assembly line in his car plant in Michigan. The assembly line reduced the cost of production for cars by decreasing the assembly time. Henry Ford’s goal was a low priced car that many people in all walks of life could afford. The assembly line could produce a car in an hour and half . The cost of a car decreased to 400$ the lowest price of any care ever sold. He sold over 15 million cars and the race between Ford and GM began. General Motors Company was formed and founded by William C. Durant in 1908 . GM was the major competitor for Ford. The President of GM Alfred Sloan began realizing that they had and advantage over Ford Motor Company. Ford only had one body style car.GM had several different varieties of cars. GM began making four, six, and eight cylinder cars. GM started doing inventory control, and discontinued any line cars that were not popular with consumers. GM began making annual model changes and began advertising. GM was able to defeat Ford Motor company due to the changes that Sloan had made. In 1921 General Motors sold over 457,000 cars and profited over 61 million. A group of companies that merged...
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