1919 World Series: Black Sox Scandal

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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Mrs. Chenfant
English 12
25 October 2011
1919 World Series: Black Sox Scandal
Impact or decision would be the most contemplated ideas formed upon the events that happened during the 1919 World Series. What happened was better known as the Black Sox Scandal making the impossible a reality even with the stakes, buried in the truth, everyone involved concluded to risk. One of the darkest most shadowed events that ever had a negative effect on the sport for the entire history of baseball simply for money. The most tragic thing about all of this was the idea that it put in fans heads knowing that their idolized team that has had their die-hard support the entire time were lied to, cheated, and forcibly discovered what money can actually do in effect. A nation was hurt, only not as bad as Chicago’s pride. 1: Proposal

Suggesting that the 1919 World Series was a Conspiracy to get money is truly open to the ideas of the fans. The idea was portrayed about the dealings leading up to the arrival of the 1919 World Series by suggesting that the ballgame itself was rigged for swindling funds (Capps 2). Two men were all it took to make this become an actuality being William Thomas “Sleepy Bill” Burns, connection directly to Chicago’s players, and Billy Mahard, underground connections (Everstine 4). Making a partnership was key for the players who are a fractious lot splitting into gangs on top of low salaries; 8 players were bought in for the trade for the fix of the game (Linder 1). These 8 White Sox players were now in objective to cause the 1919 corruption that will result in the Cincinnati Reds to win the series causing mayhem on bets (The Eig… 1). The initial idea for all of this came from Arnold “Chick” Gandil claiming that he individually claimed that he was the ring leader asking a professional gambler for $80,000 cash for him and to recruit players (Linder 4). Another idea proposed was of a different cause concerning Pitcher Ed Cicotte along with First Baseman...