1914-1939 Timelien

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1914-World War 1 begins in Europe. (foreign)
1915-First long distance telephone service, between New York and San Francisco, is demonstrated (Jan. 25) (Domestic)

1917- Arthur Zimmermann sent a telegram to Mexico trying to persuade Mexico to go against the United States (foreign)
- A German secret telegram, that had a coded message from the German Foreign Secretary, Alfred Zimmermann, to the German minister in Mexico City. This pretty much told the minister to propose an alliance with Mexico, offering Mexico the territories lost in 1848 to the USA. The British intercepted the message and gave a copy to the US ambassador. After the US State Department released the message on 1 March 1917 , even as US–German relationships were going away fast over submarine warfare. With the possibility of a German-supported attack by Mexico, the isolationists was defeated and lost ground and on 6 April 1917 resulting in Congress entering World War I against Germany. 1922-The American Professional Football League is formed in 1920 with Jim Thorpe as its president and eleven teams. It would change its name to the National Football League in 1922. (domestic)

-The NFL was officially formed on August 20th 1920. The NFL is the highest level of American football. The NFL was formed in the year 1920 with 11 teams, and called themselves American Professional Football Association. At the start American football was a mix of rugby and the new style of football. At first it wasnt making a lot of money from the start because baseball was always considered "Americas Game" and as history would go on football would slowly take that name over. The Professional Football Association later changed its name to the National Football League. In the 1920′s Conzelman played for Rock Island, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Providence. 1923 - German money Hyper Inflates and - Hitler's Beer Hall Coupe attempt fails.(foreign) 1925 - Hindenburg elected president in Germany (Paul Von Hindenburg) (foreign)...
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