18b. the Marshall Plan

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  • Published : February 8, 2012
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18b. The Marshall Plan
Using these four sources and your own knowledge, asses the view that the US policy of Marshall in 1947 was motivated mainly by the altruistic desire to help the economic recovery of Europe.

There are three views Historians have on the cold war these are revisionist, orthodox and post-revisionist. The revisionist view which blames the USA while the orthodox view blames Stalin and and USSR finally post-revisionist blames them both USA and USSR. All Four of these sources tell different views on what the real aim of the Marshall plan to help the recovery of Europe or US personal gain.

The Marshall plan also know as 'The European Recovery Programme' created by George Marshall, the plan was set up because the economic infrastructure of Europe had been destroyed by WW2 one didn't focus on the destruction caused by the WW2. But to modernize European industrial and business practices using American models, reduce artificial trade barriers, and instill a sense of hope and self-reliance

After reading all of the sources they don’t support the fact that the main motivation was a altruistic desire to help the recovery of Europe but source D does in some way stating that ' Marshall's new programme was made to all European countries without distinction' and Enthusiastic American New Dealers urged upon European colleagues the virtue of freer trade, international collaboration and inter-state integration' but none of the other source even mention any altruistic in their sources.

One view point of the Marshall plan was that is was set up for USA to benefit from, many revisionist historian saw this as USA opportunity to control Western and spread capitalist ideas just as the Soviets had with Eastern Europe, interpretation A view on the Marshall plan was that it was a set up to spread the use of capitalism, he wrote 'to win the mouth and minds of west European people so as to prevent them from turning communist' this shows the American fear of...
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