1776 Notes

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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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1776 notes
1776 Notes

Part 1: The Siege
Chapter One: Sovereign Duty

Power and ideas are brought among the high command of Brittan through justice, integrity and honor. The novel begins in 1775 where the British King and Parliament are expressing their concerns about engaging in a war across the sea with their colonies. In this particular occurrence and all throughout the book, David McCullough provides the reader with understanding speeches that create the story Washington at its finest. In the first chapter, the precedent is set as McCullough incorporates actual speeches when King George III addressed Parliament. The war with “our brethren” in America was “unjust . . . fatal and ruinous to our own country,” he declared. (McCullough 15)

Part 1: The Siege
Chapter Two: Rabble In Arms

“His Excellency General Washington has arrived amongst us, universally admired. Joy was visible on every countenance” – General Nathanael Greene The greatest leaders in the world are brought to this earth as normal people but with the right mindset, those normal people become the men who allow us to have our every day rights through hard labor, incompletable success and with carrying the highest valor. The novel really catches the reader’s attention once the setting switches over to the American surface, where you meet the personalities of George Washington, Henry Knox and Nathanael Greene. McCullough offers a comprehensive look at the challenges that faced George Washington and his ‘ragtag army’. Washington is brought into the novel outside of Boston following the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he has just been appointed to the Cont. Army.

Part 1: The Siege
Chapter Three: Dorchester Heights

“To those who rode out from Cambridge to Framingham o look over the guns, it was clear that the stalemate at Boston was about to change forever.” Dorchester Heights was a crucial act early in the American Revolutionary War that precipitated the end of the attack of Boston and...
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