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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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1776 Essay
It has been said that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776, but there many trials and tribulations that American independence faced. There were people, events and issues that were obstacles of American Independence. John Dickinson of Pennsylvania, slavery and the invasion of redcoats in New York were all obstacles of American Independence. John Dickinson was not a loyalist, but did not favor independence. He complained about the treatment from England and the taxes, but believed that we were better off as colonies under England than as a sovereign country. John Adams of Massachusetts whom favored independence immensely, often butt heads with Dickinson over the topic of independence. Dickinson ended up being an obstacle to American independence when it became time for the colonies to vote on the declaration and it had to be a unanimous vote for the declaration to be signed and Ben Franklin knew Dickinson who would vote negatively so asked for the representatives of Pennsylvania to be polled. If it weren’t for Franklin, the Declaration of Independence would not exist today. Dickinson was not always an obstacle to independence except when it became time to actually vote on the declaration. The issue of slavery was a huge obstacle to American independence, because it separated the northern colonies from the southern colonies. Although the all the colonies benefit from the slave trade, the southern colonies benefit from it more than the northern colonies. This issue was so huge that it almost came between the friendship of John Adams and Ben Franklin. Adams wanted slavery to be out of the new country, while Franklin wanted to deal with the matter after they got the problem of independence established. The real problem with slavery was that the southern colonies were not going to vote on the declaration unless...
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