Topics: IP address, OSI model, Subnetwork Pages: 11 (2553 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Refer to the exhibit. Assume all devices are using default configurations. How many subnets are required to address the topology that is shown? 1

Two routers are connected via their serial ports in a lab environment. The routers are configured with valid IP addresses, but they cannot ping each other. The show interface serial0/0 command shows that the serial0/0 interface is up but the line protocol is down. What could be the cause of this problem? The no shutdown command has not been applied to the interfaces. *The clock rate command has not been entered on the DCE interface. The interface timers are not cleared.

The FastEthernet interface is emulating a serial interface by assigning it a timing signal.

Refer to the exhibit. When computer A sends a frame to computer D, what computers receive the frame? *only computer D
only computer A and computer D
only computer B, computer C, and computer D
all computers

When connectionless protocols are implemented at the lower layers of the OSI model, what is usually used to acknowledge that the data was received and to request the retransmission of missing data? IP UDP

a connectionless acknowledgement
*an upper­layer, connection­oriented protocol or service

Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to reach host B on the remote network. A technician attempted to ping the local gateway and the ping was successful. To verify the host configuration, the technician issued the ipconfig command. What is the likely cause of the problem? The local NIC is incorrectly configured.

The subnet mask on host A is incorrectly configured. The IP address on host A is incorrectly configured. *The default gateway on host A is incorrectly configured.

Refer to the exhibit. Host C is able to ping successfully, but is unable to communicate with hosts A and B in the organization. What is the likely cause of the problem? Hosts A and B are not on the same subnet as host C.

The IP addresses on the router serial interfaces are wrong.
*The subnet mask on host C is improperly configured.
The FastEthernet interface fa0/0 of router 1 is wrongly configured.

A routing issue has occurred in your internetwork. Which of the following type of devices should be examined to isolate this error? access point host

Refer to the exhibit. Host A uses router A as its default gateway. If host A sends an ICMP echo request to, what ICMP response will host A receive. echo reply source quench route redirection

*destination unreachable

What information can be gathered by using the command netstat? the default gateway the routing protocol
*active TCP connections
the locally configured subnet mask

Refer to the exhibit. A technician is working on a network problem that requires verification of the router LAN interface. What address should be pinged from this host to confirm that the router interface is operational?

A PC can not connect to any remote websites, ping its default gateway, or ping a printer that is functioning properly on the local network segment. Which action will verify that the TCP/IP stack is functioning correctly on this PC? Use the ipconfig /all command at the host’s command prompt. *Use the ping command at the command prompt.

Use the traceroute command at the command prompt to identify any failures on the path to the gateway. Use FTP to check for connectivity to remote sites.
Download a troubleshooting tool from the PC manufacturer's website.

A user sees the command prompt: Router(config­if)# . What task can be performed at this mode? Reload the device. Perform basic tests.
*Configure individual interfaces.
Configure individual terminal lines.

Due to a security violation, the router passwords must be changed. What information can be learned from the following configuration entries? (Choose two.) Router(config)# line vty...
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