16-Year-Olds in 2013 vs. in 1800s

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Being a 16 year old in 2013 would be very different than being a 16 year old in 1815. For instance, there would be no cell phones or laptops which is now considered a necessity. However that is just one of the many differences. In 1815, the United States was a like a newborn baby. The stability and life of the new country were in the hands of some people that would eventually shape the America we know today. Along with the many advantages there would be for growing up during this time, there would also be many disadvantages. During this time, America had its first presidency under George Washington and experienced the War of 1812, which were both extremely significant events.

One of the biggest concerns was how to break away from Britain and their way of running things. Rather than having a monarchy and a king, the idea came to have a president. Our first president George Washington, essentially set up the marketing for becoming president. When George Washington took office, he quickly established precedents for running the government. If I was 16 during the time of George Washington's presidency, I would've been honored to have him as my president. It would be a pleasant change from being under the control of a king and queen. While George Washington showed many signs of promise, I would be slightly hesitant because I would realize the vulnerability of our new country and take that into consideration. I would acknowledge the fact that we needed an intelligent, strong leader and hope George Washington was going to be the man we needed.

Just like today, there would be many things to be happy about and many things to worry about in regards to our country. As a 16 year old during this time, I would be apart of the making of this country. Everything was so new and fresh; from seeing George Washington as the first president to seeing peace among America and Britain. I would be living through historical events which students today have to read and learn about....
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