13 Reasons Why - Hannah Baker

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Hannah Baker
(P r o t a g o n i s t)

Hannah was a teenage a girl, new to the town she’d just move in. She became associates with a few people who attending school with her. As time went on, Hannah saw that she couldn’t be friends with most of the other teens. They were back stabbers and betrayed Hannah a lot. Living a normal teenage life, rumors started to spread about Hannah around the school. She had a poor reputation. Hannah joined a poetry class hoping to find happiness. The class wasn’t a success for her. After feeling like no one cared, Hannah started to consider suicide as her next decision. She wanted help and someone to be there for her. But after telling Mr. Porter she was going to kill herself, he didn’t do anything to stop her. Hannah felt hopeless and unimportant. She later committed suicide by swallowing pills.

(Thirteen Reasons Why Vs. If I Stay)
It’s a life and death situation for both Hannah and Mia. Both teens go through different situations, but they both must choose to live or die. As Mia lies in a coma, her mind wanders back over her life. As Hannah records her tapes her mind wanders back over her life too. The back-story of Mia’s life (if you want to call it that) blends in with her current situation, where she lies in hospital, on the outside giving no indication that she is there whilst very much being aware of what is going on around her. We see friends and her extended family rallying around her and she watches as they struggle to cope with the loss of her parents and her baby brother, and the possibility of maybe losing her too. Hannah on the other hand, her situation was nothing like that. She felted as if there was no way to go or no one to run to. Her parents seemed to barely in her life. Maybe it was because she hardly mentioned them in the book. Her life was affected by others. She allowed them to push her into considering death as an option. Hannah gave up on herself because others did too. Major...
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