123case 4.1: Stakeholders and the One Industry Town, Questions #1-3

Topics: Property, Stakeholder analysis, Private property Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Case 4.1: Stakeholders and the One Industry Town, questions #1-3

1. Identify the stakeholders that influence and/or that are influenced by the company’s decision.

The appropriate identification of stakeholders is very important to business corporations as one approach to understanding the environment in which they operate. According to this case, there are insufficient eligible workers in the immediate area and workers would have to be attracted from other communities. Employees want to have the convenient transportation of back and forth. And onside accommodations are feasible for them. However, if the company decided to build and maintain a road, they will spend too much money on it.

2. Use the stakeholder mapping matrix to plot the stakeholders based upon their support or opposition to the plant and their importance to the decision.

The stakeholder matrix mapping methodologies give managers a practical approach to assessing the influence of stakeholders. Matrices can be based on a variety of dimensions and designed to suit the company’s purpose in stakeholder understanding. Using the stakeholder mapping matrix to plot the stakeholders based upon their support or opposition to the plant can ascertain the likely impact of stakeholder demands on the company’s strategies and identify appropriate courses of action to counter influence these demands.

3. Make recommendations to management how they should establish relationships with various stakeholders.

The company’s arrangements must be in place to understand the relationships and ultimately to interact with stakeholders. The company can allow employees to adopt new ideas from external networks and encourage the employees share their information and work collaboratively.

4.2 Expropriate to Expedite Development
1. Who are the stakeholders involved in this situation and what are the issues? The stakeholders are Developers, St. John, 19 property owners, Brendan Murphy, and City...
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