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Dear Bajaj-tel,
We are very grateful cooperating your company on the project of Africa network, and we had hold a meeting in good atmosphere in last time. And at there, I will make a summary to confirm the content of it. In according to consider the situation of The Bajaj-tel and Africa marketing, this is a high feasible project. There was an inter-meeting in my consultancy for it, and we have produced the final list of deliverable as follow: 1. We can provide relevant reports for this project, such as the marketing research, the different customers’ distribution map and something about designing production and so on. 2. Surely, we also provide professional advice service as a consultancy. 3. And the final implementing process, which have negotiated in last time, will be serious followed. and the related documents have been put on as attachment. About the implementing time of 12 months, it will be expected to put production in economically developed country in Africa, like South Africa, Algeria and Ethiopia . Because there people have the strong desirability and afforded ability to spend on mobile phone. We agreed the consultancy fees which the draft contract offered, it is total US$20,000 included the taxation. On the government aspect, the Africa authority have given a clarify agreement to our project, but this will need about US$ 2million to buy the passport. and about the other fees and conditions, we have listed in the attachment. we wish you can download and read them carefully. This is all content of the summary. you are expected reply as soon as possible and are expected to set the date and time to sign the legal contract. I wish we have a great time in corporation.


Your sincerely

Linda Wu
Heitinga T-com Consulting
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