Topics: Poverty, Islam, Africa Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Today you can see how much people are poor 2.5 billion are living less than 2 dollar And1.2 live less than 1 dollar 43.5 percent live in Africa! Every day people come to live and they need to get a job and need to learn but maybe there family poor so They can’t get anything so they have to steel and tray to teak from the rich people How we can help poor?

We see the poor want to learn and to have a job so we have to help them to get these things buy build schools for poor people and the rich people can give them money and clothes and food and thing they don’t need it. Islam make things can help poor buy zakat or sadacka with these tow Things poor can be rich like us

And if everybody helps poor we can fix bad things on the world like wars and steeling and killing people we can bring buy the give Institutions the money and the food
Some poor like to get cars new clothes and bank account factories and the stores can give job to the poor’s and they well never need to steel or do bad thing and make any man can give the institutions money Every month so the poor have money every month and making the institutions brings all the money and don’t take anything from the zakat and sadakat. These maybe be the best ways to help the poor and because we are Muslims we have to do what alla told us to do like zakat or sadacka All the governments and the people must help each other on hard times.
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