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  • Published: October 5, 2013
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Book Monitoring System

“Project Proposal”


Raúl Y. Mora-Colón
Arnaldo A. Oliver-Román
Antonio G. Rodríguez-Jiménez
Emanuel González-González

José F. Vega-Riveros
Nayda G. Santiago-Santiago
Course ICOM 5047
Date: September 10, 2008
As society evolves there is a need for information and knowledge which throughout the past years have been placed in books. There are other ways of passing and storing information, but for hundreds of years books have existed and they can be mainly accessed or read by the public in libraries around the world. The conflict is generated in the reality that society is moving faster every day. People do not want to go to a library to make lines, waiting for a librarian to get a book. Due to the concurrent need of fastening processes to comply with the busy lifestyle we have, there’s a need for a more efficient and faster service system in libraries at the moment of getting books out and into it. What is proposed is a system to accelerate this process, a self service book check-out and check-in system. Instead of having to remember a library member number, or giving a regular ID to the librarian, the user will only need an ID card which uses the innovative RFID technology. This technology has been proven to be efficient for inventories, access control and a large amount of people basic daily operations. The user only needs to go to the station with his/her id, place it in the system, place the requested books in the station, and accept the order and he/she is ready to go. To return the book just deposits the book in the station and the book is returned. No unnecessary lines or additional waiting required.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents4
1.Executive Summary6
1.1.Introduction 6
1.2.Expected profitability and competitive impact 7
2.Project Antecedents8
2.1.Relationship to other projects8
2.2.Project importance and advantages8...
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