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By | August 2010
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2009-2012 is a critical period for the development of China Corona Beer industry, it is also the transitional period for China stepping from the "11th Five-Year Plan" to the "12th Five-Year Plan". In the context of global financial turmoil and severe domestic economic situation, a series of new policies are about to be introduced which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the development of Corona Beer industry. A number of major national construction projects have started to be constructed which are bond to play an important role in driving the demand of Corona Beer industry market. 

Wen Jiabao, Premier of the People’s Republic of China, hosted the Executive meeting of the State Council in Nov. 5th, 2008 to study on the strategy of further expanding domestic demand and promoting a stable and rapid economic growth. The 10 measures of further expanding domestic demand and promoting economic growth were confirmed at the meeting. According to preliminary estimate, by the end of 2010 the investment required for the implementation of the above projects will be at about 4 trillion yuan. 

This report mainly focuses on industrial macro development research and analysis. Intensive research were made in the report from the perspective of changes in the external environment of the industry, the status of the industry, product market, technical merit, operation of the industrial chains, industrial policy, enterprise competition, import and export of products and industry investment. We illustrate the current development law, characteristics and existing problems of Corona Beer industry through qualitative analysis with the help of statistical data. On that basis, scientific forecasts have been made on the interim development of China Corona Beer industry in 200 *

* China Corona Beer industry has made great development during the year of 2008. In order to gain more profit from investment, domestic enterprises constantly improve their production...

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