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The Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Finance

FINA3010A&B&C Financial Markets
First Term, 2011-2012 Instructor: Office: Email: Office Hours: Eddie CHAN Room 1143, Cheng Yu Tung Building eddiec@baf.msmail.cuhk.edu.hk Mon & Wed 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Tel: 3943 7747

Teaching Asst: Matthew YUEN Office: Room 1155, Cheng Yu Tung Building Email: swyuen@baf.msmail.cuhk.edu.hk

Tel: 3943 7840

Course Objective This course aims to provide an overview of the role of financial sector and the functions of different financial instruments traded in key financial markets, with particular emphasis to the Hong Kong environment. Interest rate and its impact on financial markets will also be discussed. Prerequisites: FINA2010 or FINA2110 or FINA2310.

Text (reference) Saunders, A. & M.M. Cornett, 2009, Financial Markets and Institutions, Fourth Edition, International Edition, McGraw-Hill. McGuinness, P.B., 1999, A Guide to the Equity Markets of Hong Kong, Oxford University Press.

Course Assessment Participation, Assignments & Group Project Mid-Term Test Final Examination 30% 20% 50% 100%

Assignment questions and project requirements, as well as their corresponding due dates, will be announced on WebCT in due course. Late submission will not be marked. In addition, some marks will be awarded for participation in class discussion. The 60-minute mid-term test will be held in an evening in Week 6 and covers the materials taught up to and including Week 4 (Foreign Exchange Market) as indicated in the course schedule overleaf. The 2-hour final examination is comprehensive and covers all materials taught. The final examination will be held during the centralized examination period. More information will be provided and posted on WebCT at least three weeks before the event.

FINA3010A&B&C (First Term, 2011-2012)


Course Outline and Schedule 5 September 2011 – 3 December 2011

Week 1 2, 3 4

Topic Introduction Interest Rates Foreign Exchange Market...
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