12 Steps in Design Process

Topics: Design, Parking space, Automobile Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Camille Williams
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The people in the video “Prototype This by Discovery Channel,” used all twelve steps in The Adopted Design Process for PLTW Courses. The first step is to define a problem; in this case the problem is that there is too much traffic and not enough parking spaces. The second step is to brainstorm. They brainstormed that they should make a car that can go over the traffic and be able to park horizontal into the tight parking spaces. The third step is to research and generate ideas. The designers researched that they would be able to make a car that rises over the other cars in traffic and drive forward. Also have the car be able to park horizontally into the tight parking spaces or have it park over another car if no parking spaces are available. The fourth step is to identify criteria and specify constraints. The constraints are that the car has to be street safe, legal for the road, and be able to move fast enough to keep up with the other moving cars. The fifth step is to explore possibilities. The possibilities can be a very wide variety, such as wheels that turn to park horizontally, and have it be wired to park itself electronically. The car could have different sensors to electronically park it and have wheels that turn horizontally to slide right into parking spaces or have a car lift and use the horizontal wheels to slide into different parking spaces. The sixth step is to select an approach. The designers decided to divide up and one team design how the car moving over the traffic and the other team design how the car will horizontally park. The seventh step is to develop a design proposal. The designers decided that the team who will design up how the car will drive over the traffic will use a separate car from the team designing how the car will horizontally park. The first team decided on an idea which is to use beams and metal materials to have the wheels come out from the side and life the car up. The second team...
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