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12-Step/Mutual Support Group Meeting Directions and Requirements Read Chapter 10 in advance of attending the meeting.

1. Students should choose the type of meeting they wish to attend: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Reformers Unanimous etc. Look in Chapter 10 for a list of others. Often these meetings are held at churches, shelters, and helping agencies. They are offered at various times of the day and multiple times each week. Rocky Mount has some really great AA and NA groups but you may attend anywhere you choose. 2. Go online for a meeting schedule for your area. Google the meeting type and then your county/town for a full listing. 3. Choose an OPEN (O) or Open Speaker (OS or Sp) meeting to attend. Do NOT attend a CLOSED meeting as they are for members only. 4. Do NOT take notes or attempt in any way to record the meeting; you are there to observe. Taking notes has the potential to violate the anonymous nature of these group fellowships. Recording the meeting is a violation of privacy and law! 5. Be respectful by identifying yourself by first name only and as a visitor or by saying you are there to learn about the program if asked. 6. You are there to OBSERVE, so do not attempt to interview members of the fellowship. Attend the meeting and experience what the members offer through sharing. Stay for the entire meeting. 7. -------------------------------------------------

After the meeting, privately jot down some immediate thoughts and reactions to what you observed and learned. Use first names ONLY if you recount a members story. -------------------------------------------------

These meetings usually have light refreshments (coffee, cookies, etc.). Also, many of the fellowships are self-supporting, so a basket may be passed around at the end of the meeting to collect $1 from members. You may contribute $1 if you choose to, but you are not...
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