12 Basic Principles of Animation

Topics: The Jungle Book, Mowgli, Human anatomy Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Squash and stretch- making a simple object like a ball or maybe a humans face, stretch or squash to make it seem like it’s in motion.

Anticipation- using different pictures or illustrations to lead up to something, like basket players about to dunk you first see his knees bend then you see him jump and the final is he is dunking.

Staging- To Direct the audience to a certain point of the scene that’s important.

Straight ahead action and pose to pose- Straight ahead action means to draw the whole scene from start to finish. Then pose-to-pose is drawing less detailed scenes, then after when done with everything add the rest later.

Follow through and overlapping action- makes the illustrations look more realistic by making the moves look more realistic.

Slow in and slow out- Making objects or the human body move slow or fast through frames to make seem more realistic.

Arcs- Moving objects by there joints, usually animal or humans

Secondary action- adding this to a scene gives it more realism, and helps support the main action.

Timing- helps the animation look real as far as looks and theatrical parts.

Exaggeration- this helps the character not look static or dull in the cartoons.

Solid drawing- the animator has to understand the basic structure of the anatomy, so the drawing doesn’t look weird in proportion.

Appeal- making the character feel interesting doesn’t matter what type of character it is.

The Jungle book

The beginning of the movie when the Panther is taking the baby only the joints are moving this is Arcs. When the panther hits the basket, the baby cry’s, then the panther reacts scared but there’s Exaggeration when he stretches his legs and his face reaction. When Mogli pushes kaa off the tree he falls down like a spring and the noises he does had good Timing with the fall. When baloo is scratching himself on everything they use Squash and stretch technique. Every time Mogli runs you can see the Anticipation in the...
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