12 Angry Men vs. to Kill a Mockingbird

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Atticus Finch Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: April 22, 2012
12 Angry Men and To Kill A Mockingbird both have independent and powerful main characters that have their own ways with words.
Davis (12 Angry Men) and Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) both persuade humanity with solid, truthful, and wise examples to explain a point they are trying to get across.
Mr. Davis’s purpose in 12 Angry Men is building an overall consensus. Mr. Davis does not give up on his independence when he sees that he is the only one standing for the boy’s innocence. He continues to push for agreement throughout the duration of the movie. Davis’s strong words trickle down onto the other jurors and they are then moved significantly by Mr. Davis’s speeches. All the jurors except Juror #5 and Juror #3 are astounded by Davis’s short, powerful speech of how no one can truly be sure of the boy’s innocence despite the evidence or noticeable facts. Davis establishes effective and persuading communication to express his thoughts. Mr. Davis knows it is important in order to change the surrounding area by his own thoughts. Davis is not afraid of speaking and keeps complete eye contact with other jurors throughout his speeches. Anytime he feels he needs to say something, he goes ahead and says it. The other jurors are either afraid of speaking or do not know the right time to say it. Davis says what he says and does not regret it. He makes the other jurors listen and he is thought about and is considered as a just and balanced person with these facts. He also tries multiple ways to address each juror’s doubts or beliefs so he is flexible in his approach. He seems to know how to speak to each juror individually to get them to open up and re-think what they believe. The last way Mr. Davis is effective at being heard and taken into account is because he does not hurt anyone’s feelings. The second oldest looking juror goes on a rant about how the boy who murdered his father is corrupted and is a highly dangerous person, insulting some jurors...
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