12 Angry Men: Summary 3

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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Twelve Angry Men was a great depiction of how one person could influence a large amount of people by looking beyond the obvious. This movie was about a jury attempting to establish a verdict on the behalf of a teenage boy that killed his father. There were twelve men that made up the jury. The trial included two witnesses that did not have solid reasons for accusing the young boy of killing his father. One witness heard the boy threaten his father seconds before he died, and the other witness claimed that she seen the boy kill the father from her window. These two witnesses provided enough information for the court and the jury to already have their decision made. In the beginning of the movie, eleven of the twelve men had the same thoughts and preconceived notions about this trial. The only juror that found the young boy guilty was Mr. Henry Fonda. He was the only juror that wanted to discuss the trial and look beyond the obvious. The goal of the jury is to come to unanimous decision that the teenage boy is either guilty or not guilty. The group was made up of twelve men that had to come up with a decision. The group dynamics of this specific group were the twelve men that made up the jury. They had to interact in some form of way to come to a unanimous decision about the trial and this boy’s life. There was a leader, who was juror number one. His name was Martin Balsam and he was the foreman of the jury. He was one of the men that believed the trial made the decision for them because they couldn’t argue any of the facts. After meeting Mr. Fonda, Mr. Balsam decided to give this case a chance to be discussed. That truly made the jury upset because they did not understand why. Mr. Fonda was there to plead this boy’s case and change the jury’s decision. He was very subtle in the beginning because he knew that he was out numbered. He knew that he had to come up with a very logical reason as to why he felt that young boy was guilty. Many of...
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