12 Angry Men Reflection

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Maia Fitch
Mr. Oldford
Block 1B

12 Angry Men Response

12 Angry Men was a very good movie to me and it had a message behind it all. The message I understood was that you should always think the options and never judge too quick. This movie was very old and can somewhat relate to what still goes on these days in the same situation. If I was one of the jurors, I feel as if I would've been like Davis and not close the case so quickly. Davis was a thinker and he didn't want them to just rush their decision when a young boys life is in hand. The 18 year old boy has a bad record and he grew up in a bad neighborhood with no mother and an abusive father. Therefore it is understandable that they would assume he was guilty because of the evidence provided. But deciding to send a boy to the electric chair for his life should've been taken as a serious thing to Davis. In the beginning of the trial, the vote was 11:1 guilty. Davis, the one who thinks the boy is nor guilty or innocent just wants to think of the options. He ends up coming up with a reason to backfire on the reason the boy should be guilty. The jury for courts are supposed to be “peers” of the person on trial, this was not the case in this situation. The jury consisted of a ranged age of intelligent white males. The boy on trial was a young minority being tried as an adult. In the beginning of the decision making everyone thought he was guilty but Davis just didn't know if that was correct because everyone felt TOO sure of him being guilty. If I was on the jury, after sitting through the trial in the courtroom I'm sure I would feel as he was guilty, but I would also take in hand that the boy's life is at risk for my decision. I would try and do anything to think of reasons just like Davis. To be apart of a jury you seem like you must be able to think over everything carefully and notice things not said. This jury was full of different personalities. The “Angriest” man was the #4 juror, he started...
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