12 Angry Men Essay

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Helen Keller was a person who was blind and deaf. She had to learn a way to communicate with society. This way was made possible because a very important significant other in her life her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Thanks to Anne, Helen was able to communicate. With this new way to communicate, it aided in Helen’s self-development. The first stage of our self-development is called primary socialization. This is learned in childhood. In this process we tend to take on the characteristics of the people that around us the most, like our mom, dad, and siblings. In Helen’s case it was her teacher, Anne. She came into her life when Helen was seven years old. Anne had a very difficult task in front of her, teaching Helen this new way to communicate which was called “fingerspelling”. Anne got permission from Helen’s father to isolate her from her family members. I think this helped Helen to learn to trust her teacher, and made the learning process more comfortable for Helen. Language is a key factor in our learning process. Because of Helen’s disability it was almost impossible for her to communicate with her loved ones around her. The first word she learned how to spell was doll. Anne gave her a doll and then she spelled the letters into Helen’s hand. Helen did not understand that it was a word, at the time she didn’t even know what words were. After several attempts of getting Helen to learn how to spell this word she finally did successfully. When it came time to teach Helen words that she would have more difficulty with, her teacher never gave up. Anne was trying to teach Helen the difference between “mug” and “water”. This was very hard for Helen to differentiate between the two. Helen had got angry with the teacher and threw the doll down on the floor and broke it. Later that day the teacher took Helen to a water well and stuck her hand under the running water. Finally Helen could tell the difference between the two. This awakened Helen’s learning process. Now she...
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